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General Terms


  1. Door Advocaten B.V. (hereinafter referred to as Door Advocaten) is a private limited liability company. Door Advocaten practices the legal profession in the broadest sense. Door Advocaten provides its legal services to legal persons and natural persons (hereinafter referred to as the Client(s)).

  1. All assignments, either directly to Door Advocaten or to individual colleagues shall be exclusively accepted and performed by or on behalf of Door Advocaten. Articles 7:404 and 7:407, para. 2 and 7:409 of the Dutch Civil Code shall not apply.

  1. Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 6:89 of the Dutch Civil Code, any right of claim or legal action of the Client will in any case lapse 12 months after the date on which the liability should reasonably have been known and (if this cannot be established) in any case 2 years after the date of the last invoice. To avoid misunderstandings: the provisions of this article also apply to the Client if a third party claims compensation in connection with a service provided by Door Advocaten to the Client.

  1. Any and all liability of Door Advocaten shall be limited to the amount to which, in the respective case, the private professional liability insurance(s) provides coverage in accordane with the insurance policy of Door Advocaten, plus the amount of own risk resulting from the applicable policy conditions in this case. Door Advocaten is insured up to EUR 2,500,000 per claim. More information is available on the policy conditions and will be provided on request of the Client.

  1. If, in any case, the insurance policy of Door Advocaten does not provide coverage for a claim, the liability of Door Advocaten shall be limited to the lower of (i) EUR 20,000 and (ii) the total fees paid by the Client to Door Advocaten in the respective case.

  1. Door Advocaten shall take the necessary care at all times when engaging third parties. Door Advocaten shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the shortcomings of third parties. The Client authorises Door Advocaten on its behalf to accept any limitations of liability with respect to these third parties.

  1. The Client shall release Door Advocaten from any third party claims including the costs of legal assistance in any way connected with or resulting from work performed for the Client, except in the case of intent or gross negligence on the part of Door Advocaten.

  1. Not only Door Advocaten and the Client, but also any other persons engaged by Door Advocaten for the purpose of performing any assignment for the Client may invoke these general terms and conditions.

  1. The hourly rate shall be agreed with the Client in advance. The hourly rate shall be indexed in accordance with the Directive on the Salary of Curators and Administrators as laid down in consultation with the Dutch Association for the Judiciary and the Netherlands Bar Association.

  1. The Client shall be periodically invoiced for the work performed subject to a payment term of fourteen days, counting from the date of the invoice. The invoice amount is calculated by multiplying the hours worked by the agreed hourly rate. Amounts invoiced are exclusive of VAT, disbursements and subcontracting expenditure. Invoices are accompanied by a specification of the work performed.
  1. If invoices are not paid within the payment term, Door Advocaten shall be entitled to suspend the work and the Client shall not be entitled to claim any damages, losses and/or costs from Door Advocaten as a consequence of the suspension.

  1. The Client is aware that (the attorneys of) Door Advocaten are or can be required, pursuant to the Dutch Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (hereinafter Wwft), to identify the Client and its Ultimate Beneficial Owners and verify the identification. The Client is obligated to fully cooperate with this in the manner prescribed in the Wwft. Door Advocaten will record and retain the required data in accordance with the Wwft.

  1. The Client is aware of and accepts that Door Advocaten is obligated, by virtue of the Wwft, as well as the associated laws, rules, regulations and guidelines, to report unusual transactions as described in aforementioned rules to the governmental authorities established for this

  1. The Client accepts that the obligation to provide information pursuant to the Wwft prevails over the confidentiality obligation of the attorney and waives any right in this regard under criminal law, disciplinary law, civil law or otherwise in respect of the attorney’s actions in accordance with his/her legal requirements.

  1. The general terms and conditions shall be sent or handed to the Client before work commences. These general terms and conditions also apply to additional assignments and follow-up assignments. A copy is available on the website: The general terms and conditions are available in Dutch and English. The Dutch text shall be binding in the event of dispute as to the content of these general terms and conditions.

  1. Door Advocaten has an internal complaints procedure. If the Client has a complaint regarding the attorney handling his case, the Client shall address this complaint in writing to Felix Chorus who shall process this. Door Advocaten shall handle the complaint in accordance with the internal complaints procedure drawn up by the Netherlands Bar Association as intended for the internal complaints procedure for law firms in the Netherlands.

  1. This agreement and the provision of all legal services provided by Door Advocaten shall be governed exclusively by Dutch law. Disputes between the Client and Door Advocaten arising herefrom shall be brought before the competent court in the Netherlands.

  1. In the event of late payment of the amount due, Door Advocaten will charge Extrajudicial Collection Costs (BIK) in accordance with the graduated scale applicable at that time, which is published on the website of