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Areas of expertise

Employment Law

The attorneys at Door Lawyers specialize in employment law. We have extensive experience in the field of individual dismissals, restructurings, termination proceedings, summary dismissal, works council proceedings, transfer of undertaking, amendment and harmonization of employment conditions, illness and reintegration and collective labor agreement-related issues.

In an employment dispute, an amicable solution is often preferred above court proceedings. That is why we always try to resolve a conflict first in consultation with the parties involved. If an amicable solution is not possible, we will guide you through proceedings from A to Z. As employment lawyers, we assist among others (international) commercial companies, healthcare institutions, works councils, statutory directors, medical staff and (other) private individuals.

Contract Law

The lawyers of Door Advocaten possess all the expertise necessary with regard to contract law. We offer clients legal support with regard to all kinds of (commercial) contracts and general terms and conditions. This includes commercial contracts, shareholder and management agreements and contracts for partnerships. We draft contracts and are able to advise you about the risks and possibilities. We can also assist you in the event of breach of contract, invoking warranties and indemnities, collection proceedings and the termination of contracts. We will advise you on the best possible approach for the highest possible result. These will often be pragmatic solutions to avoid litigation. But we won’t hesitate to go to court, if necessary. We have extensive experience with litigation, including the seizure of assets. As a contract law specialist, we among others assist (international) commercial companies, investors, real estate funds, healthcare institutions and startups.

Corporate Law

Door Lawyers specializes in corporate law. We draft shareholder and management agreements and contracts for partnerships, such as general partnerships, CVs and joint ventures. We have a great deal of experience with shareholder disputes, disputes with (/between members of) the board, directors’ liability, governance and employee participation. We also conduct due diligence for acquisitions or investments. For entrepreneurs, we act as a strategic sparring partner and we provide clear and pragmatic advice that will help you move forward. We have extensive experience with proceedings in the field of corporate law, corporate litigation, including proceedings before the Enterprise Chamber and summary proceedings (proceedings) in court. As a corporate law specialist, we assist (international) commercial companies, investors, real estate funds, healthcare institutions and startups, among others.

Procedural law & litigation

It is (usually) preferable for all parties if a legal conflict is resolved by mutual agreement. However, this is not always feasible. The attorneys at Door Lawyers have all the expertise to conduct legal proceedings. We understand your legal position and we know how to successfully defend and assert your rights in court. We can assist you in proceedings in the field of employment law, contract law, corporate law and combinations thereof. In addition, we have specialized knowledge in the field of notarial disciplinary law.

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